In this case study a global animal health and nutrition company engaged CPL Business consultants to assess the fishmeal protein replacement market. CPL made strategic recommendations on where the client could play and innovate in this market. 

A major future challenge for aquaculture and animal production is the availability of fishmeal as a protein source for feed. This is because fishmeal production from reduction fisheries is limited by fishing quotas and cannot meet rising demand. The industry is therefore looking at alternative and innovative sources of alternative proteins for fishmeal substitution, for example from plants, insects, algae, yeast, fungi and bacteria.  Major players such as Skettring are meeting this challenge by including a broader range of proteins in their feed.

This report detailed the fishmeal replacement landscape for aquafeed and animal feed including, for example, areas to participate in and the room for innovation. Additionally, the project reviewed the companies operating in this sector and the financial basis (e.g. cost projections, market share, volumes and values).  CPL also recommended specific areas in which its client could participate and outlined the key capabilities required for market entry.

The topics covered in the report are outlined below, you can also download a PDF copy. Please contact CPL Business Consultants for further details of our work in alternative proteins for animal feed, aquaculture and human nutrition.

Fishmeal Replacement in Animal Feed and Aquafeed

Executive Summary

  • Fishmeal Replacement Market
  • Technology Areas
  • Business Models and Trends
  • Conclusions on Fish Replacement Technologies

Fishmeal Supply and Demand

Estimated volumes (million tonnes), values ($b), prices ($/t) and growth (CAGR).

Current Fishmeal Market

  • Fish Meal Production e.g. Volumes, Values and Growth (CAGR)
  • Regional Market Shares (i.e. Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceana)
  • Supply Chain, Major Customers and Value Chain Analysis
  • Trends, Drivers and Challenges

Future Fishmeal Replacement Market

  • Fishmeal Supply/Demand Gap
  • Challenges for Alternative Products
  • Fishmeal Substitution Trends
  • Challenges for Substitution
    • Supply Side Challenges
    • Demand Side Challenges

Fishmeal Replacement by Technology/Source

Details of the products and technologies used.

  • Plant Sources
  • Insects
  • Algae
  • Yeast and Fungi
  • Bacteria & Other SCP

Company & Competitive Overview

Fishmeal replacement producers including technologies, capacities, and estimated % market shares.

  • Plant Sources
  • Insects
  • Algae
  • Yeast and Fungi
  • Bacteria & Other SCP

Regulatory Impact on Fishmeal Replacement

  • Fishing Legislation
  • Aquafeed Legislation
  • Other Regulations


  • Summary Opinion on Fish Replacement Technologies
  • Drivers for Fishmeal Replacement
  • Hurdles for Adopting Alternative Proteins.
  • Companies with Promising Approaches
  • Key Capabilities Required to Play in Fishmeal Replacement
  • Recommendations

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