CPL Business Consultants has worked with companies using biotechnology to produce and process ingredients for >35 years. CPL’s consulting work has covered uses in food, feed, pet food, agriculture, infant nutrition, cosmetics, textiles and other related sectors.

Historically, the use of biotechnology in food and agriculture has suffered from regulatory constraints and met with consumer resistance. However, adoption has increased in the ingredients sector in recent years. For example, natural molecules which are hard to isolate and extract from plants are now routinely produced using biotechnology. Also, applications, such as cultured meat or ‘clean meat’, are growing.

Consumers widely accept fermentation as a ‘natural’ process for food ingredient and fragrance production ; newer ventures such as Amyris have joined large companies like DSM-Firmenich, Chr. Hansen/Novozymes, Lesaffre and Lonza in this space.

Increasingly, biotechnology has allowed the economic valorisation of co-streams into value-added products. As a result, there has been a move from single-ingredient production towards a ‘bio-refinery’ approach.

CPL assists companies in planning R&D strategy, identifying opportunities and conducting technical and commercial due diligence on potential acquisitions and licencing options. We have found R&D partners for clients, realised technology transfer, formulated market entry strategies and gauged potential consumer acceptance.  Additionally, it has assessed the potential production costs for new products using fermentation and bioconversion.

CPL has helped manufacturing companies which want to use new biotechnological processes.  It has also helped biotechnology companies find potential applications and customers for food, agriculture and related sectors and effectively market their technology to them. Some examples of projects we have completed are shown below.

CPL Business Consultants advises on co-stream utilisation strategies to increase profitability, reduce waste treatment costs and improve sustainability.

Co-stream Utilisation


Genetically modified organisms

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