In this case study CPL Business Consultants provided industry insight on animal feed additives for a global investment bank’s annual Chemicals Conference.  CPL was engaged by Citi to make a presentation at its headquarters, which was also streamed globally to clients in 97 countries.


The presentation included an introduction, followed by a discussion of farming systems, and overview of industry structure, the markets and trends.  CPL then answered questions from participants of the Chemicals Conference.

CPL Business Consultants Introduction

  • Core Consulting Team
  • Expertise in Animal Health and Nutrition
  • Support and Experience in Transactions

Farming Systems

  • Regional Differences in Farming Systems
  • National Differences in Farming Systems

Feed Additives Industry Structure

  • Complexity of the Animal Health and Nutrition Value Chain
  • Fragmented Market Segments
  • Consolidated Market Segments

Compound Feed Market

  • Compound Feed Growth and Outlook
  • Components of Animal Compound Feed
  • Margins on Animal Feed Components

Feed Additives

  • Why Additives?
    • Trends in Animal Protein Consumption
    • Compound Feed Use Trends
  • Market
    • Market Growth and Outlook
    • Market Drivers
    • Growth Drivers and Restraints for Premixes and Additives
      • Discussion – Antibiotic Growth Promoter Replacement
      • Discussion – Regulations for Additives
  • Value Proposition
    • Branded Additives – Example
  • Adoption Rates
    • Discussion – Growth in Chinese Market

Feed Additives Q&A

Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies.

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