Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. Eight case studies can also be reviewed.


A global investment bank with operations in 97 countries wanted to bring some additional industry insight into its annual Chemicals Conference.

CPL was engaged to make an overview presentation on Animal Feed Additives to the bank’s clients at its headquarters, which was streamed globally.


The presentation included the following sections:

Introduction to CPL Business Consultants

  • Core Team
  • Support for Transactions

Farming Systems

  • Regional Differences
  • National Differences

Industry Structure

  • Complexity of the Value Chain
  • Fragmented Segments
  • Consolidated Segments

Compound Feed Market

  • Compound Feed Growth and Outlook
  • Components of Feed
  • Margins on Feed Components

Feed Additives

  • Why Additives?
    • Animal Protein Consumption
    • Compound Feed Use is Growing
  • Feed Additives Market
    • Market Growth and Outlook
    • Additives Market Drivers
    • Growth Drivers and Restraints for Feed Premixes and Feed Additives
      • Discussion – AGP Replacement
      • Discussion – Regulations
  • Value Proposition
    • Branded Feed Additives – Example
  • Adoption Rates
    • Discussion – China



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