CPL Business Consultants helps its clients achieve their business development goals.

You may want to launch new or improved products into new markets and identify effective routes for your customers.

The available market data for many ingredients with technical and nutritional value can sometimes be poor or marginally relevant. However, a clear market understanding is essential before launching new products.  We can give you the clarity you require.

CPL Business Consultants can help you answer the essential questions to achieve effective and efficient business development, including:

  • Market dynamics and value chain
  • Market potential for new products
  • Competitor positioning and reputation
  • Key success factors
  • Barriers to entry
  • Partners for distribution
  • Technical challenges to be met

We can help you formulate market entry strategies and product strategies or find market gaps and future opportunities. CPL has spent over 35 years assisting clients as they diversify, rationalise and grow.

Some examples of projects which include elements of business development strategy are shown below: