In this case study, CPL Business Consultants conducted due diligence on a fish protein hydrolysates company. 


This report supported CPL’s client in performing its due diligence on an acquisition target with a portfolio of fish protein hydrolysate products used in animal feed and pet food. CPL staff acted as expert analysts in evaluating the credibility of the business plans and the likelihood of the projected sales being achieved. We reviewed the technology of the company and its prospects for diversifying its product offering.


For this project, CPL evaluated the target company’s plans and tested their assumptions by researching competing protein hydrolysate and marine ingredient products and companies. Sources used include product literature, trials data, market reports, trade press and contact with people in the industry. The report also includes an assessment of the global markets for animal feed and pet food ingredients.

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Fish Protein Hydrolysates

Objective, Background, Method

Brief Answer to Main Questions

  • Markets And Market Access
  • Volume and Prices
  • Target Company’s Progress in the Market
  • Predicted Sales Cycle for the Target Company’s Products

Management Presentations and Business Plan

  • Introduction
    • Fish Protein Hydrolysate Products
      • Fish Protein Concentrate
      • Fish Protein Isolate and Peptides
    • Key Markets
    • Distribution
  • Assumptions in Management Presentations
    • Other observations
  • Comments on Assumptions in Management Presentations
  • Business Plan Summary
  • Business Plan Assumptions

Business Plan Evaluation

  • Answers to Key Questions
    • Are the volumes reasonable?
    • Are the prices reasonable?
    • Are the sales reasonable?
  • Volumes
  • Prices

Review of Fish Product Sales

Fish Protein Hydrolysate Markets

Competing Players and Products

  • 19 companies and products


  • Trials on Hydrolysed Fish Proteins (Isolates and Concentrates)
  • 8 Trial Types


  • Summary of Comments from Contacts
  • 33 contacts


  • Competing Products
  • 23 articles
  • Markets
  • 6 articles

86 Tables

18 Figures

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