CPL Business Consultants has worked on a wide range of nutraceutical and health ingredients projects. This is an evolving market where consumer awareness, scientific research and regulations are important factors. The space includes well-established products like plant sterols and newly emerging categories like psycobiotics.

By definition, health ingredients have a positive effect on health, whilst nutraceuticals have a beneficial physiological effect beyond their nutritional value. Significantly, value can be added to an ingredient by proving that it has a beneficial impact on health. However, the regulations and the marketing claims that can be made for these products vary widely by country.

CPL Business Consultants has helped its clients navigate this complex market. We have helped companies assess the feasibility of marketing existing products as health ingredients. In addition, we have defined growth strategies and go-to-market strategies for companies in or entering this market.

Our work has included scientific analysis of health claims, risk assessments and current usage estimates (e.g. for ethics committees). Also, we have advised trial types, potential endpoints and found partners to do these trials. Also, we have helped translate trial results into soft and hard marketing claims. As a result, our clients benefit from our unique combination of commercial experience and insight with technical knowledge.

CPL has significant experience in scouting for opportunities in healthy ingredients and nutraceuticals. We can find and validate partnership and investment opportunities through our extensive networks, proprietary methodologies and expertise in this field.

Some examples of nutraceutical and health ingredients projects completed by CPL Business Consultants are shown in the categories below. You can also search the site for specific topics and ingredients from the menu bar. Please contact CPL to discuss your needs in more detail.

Digestive Health

Glycaemic Health

Heart Health

Immune Health

Nutricosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

Weight Management