CPL Business Consultants can provide insight into the complex animal health and nutrition market and its nuances.

The animal health and nutrition sector is diverse, encompassing products for aquiculture, farm animals and companion animals. The products include additives, premixes, supplementary feeds, complementary feeds, compound feeds, medicated feeds and veterinary medicines. The sector is generally robust and non-cyclical, with high profitability in some segments.  As a result, interest from the investment community has increased.

CPL has advised many leading companies on the strategy, markets and technologies in feed, feed additives and related markets.  In animal health, CPL has also worked on veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical devices and genetics. This has included benchmarking technologies, technology scouting, finding acquisition targets, market entry and market feasibility, and due diligence projects.

CPL’s consultants have the expertise and experience to help clients really understand the products and the markets into which they are sold. The case studies below illustrate CPL Business Consultants experience in animal health and nutrition. Please click on a title to see examples of specific projects CPL has completed.

Acquisitions, Planning and Strategy

Animal Feed and Petfood

Breeding and Genetics