In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by a global ingredients company to improve the competitive position of its a custom nutritional premixes solutions business. CPL provided insights and fact-based strategic recommendations to improve its operational capabilities and product offering, building a stronger value proposition.

A custom nutritional premixes solutions business wanted to gain a better understanding, at a regional level, of its premix competitors and the strategic customer perception relative to its competitors. The client had a wide range of functional nutritional ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and proteins which it sold as premix solutions.

CPL reviewed its strengths and weaknesses in premixes, how it compared with competitors and where it needed to improve. We provided a clear roadmap of changes to implement to improve the client’s competitive strength and positioning. An outline of the engagement is provided below;  you can also download a copy of this case study here.

Growth Strategy for a Custom Nutritional Premixes Business


CPL Business Consultants conducted in-depth surveys and interviews covering performance related topics covering motivations for buying custom nutritional premixes, competition, market gaps, needs and opportunities for improvement.

We conducted internal surveys to gain feedback on the client’s competitive capabilities and perceptions of its services compared to other industry players.  CPL also obtained insights into how the client compared to its competitive set from external surveys with other industry players, customers and potential customers.

These surveys gathered detailed information on:

  • Product Performance
  • Technical Competency
  • Economic Metrics
  • Quality and Traceability
  • Supply and Raw Materials
  • Operational Capabilities
  • Support Services
  • Buying Criteria

Using a proprietary analytical framework, CPL compared the results from internal interviews with those from peers in the nutritional premixes industry and customers.  These analyses were then used to make clear and practicable recommendations on how the company could improve its offering to customers at a corporate and functional level.

CPL also made specific recommendations for changes and improvements in Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Procurement and Production. These also included five positioning statements (pillars of service) reflecting customer needs in custom nutritional premixes and the client’s competitive strengths. The strategic recommendations were implemented as part of a wider growth strategy.


The detailed report and analysis included sections on:

  • Executive Summary
    • Background
    • Methodology
    • Recommendations
  • Motivations for Buying Custom Nutritional Premixes
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • How Nutritional Premixes are Selected
  • Perceptions of the Client
  • What Customers Look for
  • Supplier Offerings
  • Innovation, Gaps & Unmet Needs
  • Organisational Improvement

In addition to this growth strategy for a custom nutritional premixes business, CPL Business Consultants has worked on many other engagements in ingredients solutions. Examples include food systems and blends,  technical consulting services and stabilisation and texturization solutions. 

Our work in premixes also includes work on premixes for animal feed e.g. in due diligence and strategy.  Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies.

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