In this case study a Private Equity fund manager engaged CPL Business Consultants for the technical due diligence of a precision fermentation company. CPL conducted a product-by-product assessment including the uses and markets, technological standing, differentiation, and technologies involved. The client was able to make an informed decision on the merits of the investment, with a clear understanding of the underlying nature and technical basis of the product portfolio.

The potential investment target produced a wide range of bacterial and fungal products using submerged, solid state and precision fermentation. The products included live microbial products, inactivated microbes, fermentation products, microbial extracts, fractions, and derivatives. Its extensive portfolio included fermentation products for human and animal health and nutrition, agriculture and biotechnology.

The company had indicated that it may be seeking external investment and the fund manager wanted to ensure that it understood the company and its activities fully before the formal process commenced. The client asked CPL Business Consultants to give an outside-in view based on publicly available information.

Using its deep sector knowledge, technical expertise and extensive networks, CPL was able to provide the client with a detailed understanding of the nature of the products and the technologies underlying them within a compressed timescale. The strategic recommendations included areas of prioritisation and development which could be addressed in the investment thesis.

An outline of the due diligence report contents is shown below, you can also download a PDF. Contact CPL Business Consultants for further details of our work in precision fermentation and technical due diligence.

Precision Fermentation Technical Due Diligence


  • Products
    • Business Units
    • Main Products
    • Example Brands
    • Technologies
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Overall Appreciation
    • Other Comments
  • Areas of Prioritization and Development
    • Areas of Prioritisation
    • Areas of Development
  • Summary by Business Area
    • Product Categories
    • Uses
    • Example Brands
    • Key IP
    • Key Trends
    • Technological Standing
    • Key Differentiators
    • Competition
    • Market Outlook

Precision Fermentation Products

  • Product Type
  • Technology Details
  • Product Name
  • Uses
  • Observations

Precision Fermentation Technologies

  • Key Technologies
    • Technology Summary by Product Area
      • Production of Live Organisms
      • Deactivated Organisms
      • Microbial Extracts and Crude Microbial Fractions
      • Pure Microbial Fractions and Derivatives
    • Strain Selection
      • Screening and Benchmarking
    • Submerged and Solid-State Fermentation
      • Thin Layer
      • Deep Bed
      • Precision Fermentation
    • IP and Innovations
      • Patents and Knowhow
    • Technologies an IP by Product Line
      • Summaries
        • Production
        • Strains
        • Patents
        • Trials
      • Patents
        • Product Types
        • Uses
        • Processes
        • Trends
      • Clinical Trials
        • Clinical Trials Objectives
        • Organizations Involved
        • Conclusions and Findings


  • Products
  • Uses
  • Markets
  • Key Differentiators


  • Benchmarks Versus Key Competitor
  • Concise Summary
  • Overall Outlook

In addition to this Technical Due Diligence for a Fermentation Company CPL has worked extensively on precision fermentation. This, for example, has included work on solid state fermentation, biopesticides manufacturing (also with SSF) and precision fermentation for chymosin, sebacic acid, vanillin and Rebaudioside M. Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies.

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