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In this project, the client was a group of banks financing a target company with products familiar to CPL. These included feed additives for livestock and aquaculture as well as artemia and brine shrimp breeding stocks. CPL staff acted as expert analysts in evaluating the credibility of the business plans and the likelihood of the projected sales being achieved.

The business plans provided by the company were reviewed with CPL and client staff and all specific comments relating to these were incorporated into the Data Review provided to the client.

The report provides specific and general information pertaining to risks that may be associated with the target’s activities.

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Table of Contents

Comments on Assumptions for Business Plans

Principal Findings

General Risks Associated with the Company’s Activities

  • Overview
  • External Risks
    • The EU
    • The US
    • China
  • Internal Risks
    • R&D

Risks for Aquaculture Ingredients and Supplies Business Unit

  • External Risks
    • Competition
    • High Dependency
    • Declining European Markets
  • Internal Risks
    • R&D
    • Staffing
    • Raw Materials

Risks for Additives Business Unit

  • External Risks
    • Competition
    • Risk of Competitors Copying Product and/or Branding
    • Growth in the Organic Market
    • Maintaining a Global Image
  • Internal Risks
    • Customer Profile
    • Product Portfolio
    • Risks Associated with Toll Production
    • Staffing
    • Risks Associated with Raw Materials

Contact Reports

  • Contact Report Summary
  • Contacts Made

Overview of the Animal Feeds Additive Market

  • General Points
    • Legislation
    • Acidifiers as Antibiotic Replacers

Notes and Questions from CPL Staff

Relevant Recent News

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