In this case study, a biodiversity and life sciences research company, developing a new composting system, engaged CPL Business Consultants to provide insights into the global fertilisers market. The company was starting a fundraising round and required accurate and validated information to include in its investors prospectus.

CPL provided data on the size of the addressable market for simple and blended fertilisers. Additionally, we supplied information on markets for composting, organic products and also relevant applications and crops.  CPL made a particular emphasis on the fertiliser markets in China and the Philippines, which the client saw as important potential growth markets.

To complete the report, CPL obtained information from a range of sources, including public databases, government organisations, its internal database and industry contacts from several major fertiliser companies. CPL’s report provided accurate and validated market information on the areas of interest, and estimated the relevant addressable market sizes.

CPL Business Consultants has worked on a large number of plant nutrition projects which can be found on this site. Two examples are genetic engineering and water utilisation, plant nutrition technology opportunities and plant nutrition innovation. CPL has also completed a more recent study on fertilisers and composting in the organic markets of North America.  Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review Eight case studies.

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