In this case study a global sustainable chemicals company engaged CPL Business Consultants to outline the biological factors which influence water and nutrient use in plants and the impact genetic engineering could have on this.

CPL’s client wanted to understand the current state of the key technologies; which ones would generate change; the kind of change it would be; where this will come from; and also the current stage of this change-driving activity.

The study addressed the current state of biotechnology e.g. molecular biology and genetic engineering, and biochemical research in both the public and private sectors. CPL provided a detailed report which included strategic recommendations on how the client should respond to emerging technologies.

Genetic Engineering of Water Use in Plants

  • Introduction
  • Water/soil/plant relations
  • Changing the properties of crop plants
  • What to change – areas of opportunity


  • Appendix I – Research on plant genes
  • Appendix II – Stress related plant genes
  • Appendix III – EU/EC projects
  • Appendix IV – Models
  • Appendix V – Drought

CPL Business Consultants has worked on a large number of plant nutrition projects which can be found on this site. Two examples are plant nutrition technology opportunities and plant nutrition innovation. CPL has also completed a more recent study on fertilisers and composting in the organic markets of North America.  Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review Eight case studies.

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