In this case study, CPL assisted an international client which wanted to expand its business by investing in plant nutrition technology opportunities. CPL provided clear recommendations on where to invest, including a business rationale and case for each opportunity.  The client implemented several of these initiatives.


This study initially identified and overviewed specific business opportunities and technology opportunities in plant nutrition. CPL then characterised, recommended and prioritised areas of opportunity for the client to invest in.


Initially, CPL segmented the plant nutrition market into 7 market segments and 28 sub-segments based on the function of the products and the technologies used. We quantified the sales by nutrient, application type and region for each segment and also analysed the competition and value chains, profiling more than 25 companies. This included an analysis of the product portfolios, examples of the technologies employed and also the product specifications for each company.

Next, the challenges and unmet needs for each segment were analysed, and more than 20 key industry stakeholders were interviewed to support this analysis. Further to this, CPL then carried out an IP review which was based on an analysis of over 3000 individual patents. Then six areas of technical opportunity in plant nutrition were identified, and these were consolidated into two main themes.

Finally, CPL  developed business cases for each area of opportunity and ranked these opportunities in order of potential attractiveness using a non-parametric analysis.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview

Executive Summary

Plant Nutrition Technology Opportunities

  • Descriptions of Opportunities, Fit and Relevance
  • Challenges and Needs
  • Technical Solutions
  • Key Players
  • Markets and Value
  • Example Products
  • Business Model Hypotheses

Non-Parametric Analysis and Prioritisation

  • Opportunity Ranking for Plant Nutrition Technology Opportunities
  • Strategic Recommendations

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