M9903 Petfood Ingredients

The objectives of this study were to assess the market potential in the EU for palatability enhancing products in dry petfoods and to suggest how the US client might best enter this market. Information was sought on the existing market situation in respect of volume and value of palatability enhancers. Manufacturers, agents and distributors of these products were identified and described. Issues specific to the EU such as tariffs or GMOs were also discussed.

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The study contained the following:

Markets for Petfood

Markets for Palatants

Market Accessibility

    What Have Other Palatant Companies Done?
    What Have Companies in Other Sectors Done?

Interest in Palatants

EU Issues

Entering the EU Market

    By Acquisition
    Appointing an Agent
    Appointing One or More Distributors
    Establishing a Collaboration
    Establishment of a European Company

      Initial Annual Cost of Operating an Office in Europe

European Petfood Markets

Market Dynamics

    Complete Dry Petfoods
    European Petfood Market


Contact Reports

    Petfood manufacturers
    Ingredient manufacturers
    Ingredient suppliers

Company Profiles

    Danish Petfood Manufacturers
    Dutch Petfood Manufacturers
    French Petfood Manufacturers
    German Petfood Manufacturers
    Italian Petfood Manufacturers
    Norwegian Petfood Manufacturers
    UK Petfood Manufacturers

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