The objective of this study was to assist the client in focussing its strategy in respect of the pet food business. Specifically, the study addresses the current and future status in petfood of new products derived from fish. The study investigated a number of possibilities that could provide future courses of action. It focussed on the probable future of these fish derived products in petfoods and on a beneficial strategy in this area.

The study concluded that the petfood sector has a definite interest in fish oils as petfood ingredients although the product should not be high specification, high cost oils. The study recommended that the client pursue the opportunities in this sector with it new products.

Contents included:

  • Objective
  • Methodology
  • Main Findings and Recommendations
  • Fish oils as Petfood Ingredients
  • Fish oil as a Pet Care Supplement
  • Fish Liver Protein
  • Fish Oils
  • Fish oils as ingredients
  • Fish oil as a supplement
  • Fish Liver Protein
  • Factors affecting the use of new proteins in petfood
  • Manufacturer’s views

Petfood – Overview

  • Trends
  • Products
  • Types of petfood products on the market
  • Leading brands of petfood
  • Factors affecting sales of petfood
  • UK markets and trends
  • France, Germany, Holland, Belgium
  • Pet Food Products in the US and Canada
  • Other significant petfood companies
  • Marketing of petfood
  • Retailing of petfood
  • Contract petfood R&D
  • UK Market Research Observations

Contact reports

  • Petfood industry
  • Supplement companies
  • Other petfood companies
  • Typical Pet Shops

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