In this case study, a management consulting firm engaged CPL Business Consultants in the due diligence of a pet food palatants company.  Through its extensive networks and access to palatants manufacturers, CPL obtained the required insights quickly to ensure a quick transaction process. 

The client required authentic insights into the pet food palatant business. This included information on trends, markets, pricing and companies’ reputations. Palatants were segmented by end markets from premium to commodity, and the volumes and values were determined. Respondents also commented on barriers to entry and success factors for a company wishing to compete in the industry.

In this very short study, CPL’s team of industry experts interviewed 14 users of pet food palatants.  We determined the usage and customer reception of these ingredients in the USA. CPL also obtained completed questionnaires from five companies, which included further quantitative data.  This work contributed to a larger acquisition due diligence project.

CPL has worked on many projects involving animal feed and pet food, including pet food ingredients and fish oils and fish liver in pet food. You can also use the search bar on this site to find further relevant case studies. Have a look at our Introduction and Brochure for a description of our consultancy work.

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