In this case study, a regional ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to find potential opportunities in food preservatives. CPL’s report identified several potential opportunities which went on to populate the client’s NPD pipeline as part of its product portfolio development strategy. 

The objective of this study was to identify potential opportunities in food preservatives, particularly anti-microbial and anti-oxidant products.

During the course of the engagement, CPL had several discussions and briefings with the client on its present business in the preservatives sector. The client asked CPL to look for new developments which could form a basis on which to expand its business. CPL contacted 60 potential collaborators who may be willing to work with the client, either on the commercialisation of existing products or the development of novel products.  These included academic and government or institutional research centres active in food science and commercial companies, mainly in biotechnology.

CPL characterised each potential opportunity and first analysed these using a ‘non-parametric’ method based on scoring 24 criteria for each opportunity. CPL made a preliminary ranking of suggested opportunities, which we then used to formulate strategic recommendations.

Opportunities in Food Preservatives

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Method
    • Organisations Contacted e.g.:
      • Government and Academic Research
      • Biotechnology  Companies
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Summary of Food Preservatives Opportunities

  • Projects by Subject
  • Project Ranking Criteria
  • Non-Parametric Analysis
  • Ranked and Prioritised Projects

Food Preservatives Opportunity Profiles

  • Twenty-four Opportunities

Contact Reports

  • Interview Transcripts


  • EU and Internationally-Funded Food Preservative Projects
  • Relevant Preservative Patents

In addition to this project on opportunities in food preservatives, CPL has also worked on e.g., a voice of customer survey in preservatives and other food ingredient opportunities. You can also find other relevant projects by browsing this site or also using the search bar on this page. Have a look at our Introduction and Brochure for a description of our consultancy work. You can also review eight case studies.

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