The purpose of this study was to identify ingredient opportunities for the client. At the orientation briefing for this study, the client outlined the characteristics that potential products should have. Acquisition opportunities, while not excluded from the study, were not a priority. The study was carried out in five steps: compile, select, investigate, analyse, recommend.

Over 120 enquiries were made and over 60 opportunities were identified. At an interim review, 21 were selected for further assessment and recommendation. These were detailed in individual reports. Thirteen projects had specific actions recommended. Three were research projects, one in a research institute and two in small companies. Three projects involved large companies with existing products that needed improved marketing and product development. Three projects involved new products that had been already developed at a university but required commercialisation. Two projects involved developments in small companies that might have benefited from association with the client. One project involved a company with a potentially useful technology and one identified a promising research group. Seven projects involved low-calorie or low-fat food, three related to flavours and one each to antioxidants, natural colours and ‘other’. The actions recommended all required further contacts.

The client subsequently pursued around half of the recommended actions with some success.

Table of contents:

Summary and Recommendations – Ingredient Opportunities

Objective and Method

Summary and Recommendation – Sweeteners

  • Projects with action recommended
  • Projects with no action recommended
  • Interim Project Selection

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