In this case study a leading trader in soft commodities (i.e. those that are grown, rather than mined), engaged CPL Business Consultants to provide a briefing paper covering the market dynamics for lactic acid. CPL’s report provided authentic insights which enabled the client to make an informed decision on whether or not to investigate this potential market further. 

The purpose of this study was to describe the dynamics of the lactic acid market for the client. This included information about present markets, prices and trends, as well as a discussion of the possibilities of future increases in the market. The report also included profiles of leading companies and estimates of profitability. Barriers to entry and key success factors were considered and  discussed.

You can find an outline of the contents of the report below. Please contact CPL for further details of our services and work in food ingredients.

Lactic Acid Market Dynamics

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Method
  • Principal findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Lactic Acid Markets

  • Companies
  • Market Volume, Value and Growth (CAGR)
  • Production
    • By Company
    • By Region
    • By Sector
  • Price by Application
  • Applications

Polylactic Acid Markets

  • Companies
  • Market Volume, Value and Growth (CAGR)
  • Price by Application
  • Applications

Technical aspects

  • Metabolic, biochemical and chemical considerations
  • Raw material production
  • Raw material processing to fermentation/chemical substrates
  • Conversion of raw materials to crude products
  • Product separation and purification
  • End products and technical aspects of use
    • Lactic acid versus citric acid use in foods
    • Polylactide compared with other plastics
  • Chemical and physical properties

Contact reports

  • Contacts with market participants, customers and experts

In addition to lactic acid market dynamics, CPL has worked on a very wide range of food ingredients, including citric acid. You can find further relevant examples using the search bar on this page, or by browsing this site by areas of expertise. Have a look at our Introduction and Brochure for a description of our consultancy work. You can also review eight case studies.

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