In this case study a global fertiliser company engaged CPL Business Consultants to to identify new opportunities in higher value-added fertilisers as part of its growth strategy initiatives.

The client wished to become more pro-active in new product development and especially in proprietary high margin products. The company’s objectives for new products included to reduce nutrient leaching, reduce the use of chemicals, increase the efficiency of nutrient use, revitalise damaged forests, reduce the level of nitrogen in harvested crops and also to save water.

Opportunities had to fit with the client’s objectives e.g. novel (preferably patented), sizeable market, not bulk products, not a single item, not have a long lead time, acquisitions could not be above a certain size. Areas of prime interest were, for example plant nutrients in which new formulations and controlled release systems were high priority and microbial products, fertigation equipment, growth substrates.

After a thorough and methodical search, using extensive networks and other sources, CPL found a range of potential opportunities, which were ranked and strategic recommendations made on which ones to pursue and the next steps to take.

Opportunities in Horticultural Fertilisers

CPL found a range of potential opportunities (this list has been redacted) e.g.,

  • Fertilizer formulation and slow release mechanisms
  • Slow release nutrient technology applications
  • Tailor made technology for use in various systems
  • Controlled release through a novel technology
  • Starter & booster fertilization
  • Use of a novel technology in slow release
  • A new process for manufacturing a fertiliser
  • Production of fertilizers from a novel source
  • The use of new products as biofertilizers
  • Microbial degradation of an innovative substrate
  • Nutrient fertilizer enhancement and other products
  • Nutrient solubilizing technology
  • Microbial peat inoculants
  • New products as plant growth stimulators
  • Fertigation and irrigation equipment and systems
  • Fertigation sterilization by a new method
  • Irrigation control using a new metric
  • Fertigation control using a novel moisture sensing valve
  • Precision horticulture fertilizer application software
  • Fertilizer application expert system
  • Controlled release fertiliser models
  • Novel compound uses in horticulture
  • Use of novel compound as a soil ameliorant in specific applications
  • A novel substrate based on a new compound for a specific application

CPL Business Consultants has worked on a large number of plant nutrition projects which can be found on this site. Two examples are genetic engineering and water utilisation, plant nutrition technology opportunities and plant nutrition innovation. CPL has also completed a more recent study on fertilisers and composting in the organic markets of North America.  Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review Eight case studies.

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