The objective of this study was to assist the client in determining its actions in the field of chymosin produced by fermentation (FPC fermentatively produced chymosin) in genetically modified organisms (GMO). This study specifically addressed the question of chymosin from GMOs and what the client could or should do about it. Several questions were addressed:

  • Is there any reason to consider being a 3rd entry into this sector?
  • If a company wanted to do this, what would it cost over what period of time?
  • If a company were to enter this field, would it earn back its investment?
  • What room is there in respect of patents or other intellectual property that can be obtained?
  • If a company were to enter this field, say for ‘defensive’ reasons, what would be the best approach? Should it consider doing this on its own or with others in the business?

A substantial technology review was conducted; patents and ongoing research projects were evaluated for utility to the client.

Updates were carried out after one year and after two years at the client’s request to determine whether conditions had changed and whether new opportunities might have arisen in the FPC business.

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