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The purpose of this study was to review the business of a company active the anti-microbials sector, especially in respect of its products used in chicken processing in the United States. We appraised the company’s products and the products it competes with, and sought to understand success factors in the industry.

On a broader level, we evaluated the US market for anti-microbials in poultry and the main players.

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Contents include

Answers to Specific Questions

US Poultry Production

Antimicrobial Products

  • Costs and Market Potential
  • Market Drivers
  • 11 Companies and Products

8 Contacts – Public Sector or Consultants

10 Contacts – Poultry Producers

2 Contacts – Competitors

13 Contacts – Other

Net Returns on Broilers Before Interest and Overhead Costs

Air Chilling

  • MBA Poultry
  • Chilling of Poultry: Is It in the Air or in the Water?

International Trade of Poultry Products & Food Safety Issues (USDA-ARS)

News Items Relevant to Antimicrobials in Poultry

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