In this case study, a specialist cheese ingredient (starter-culture) manufacturer engaged CPL Business Consultants to formulate a growth strategy in new geographic markets. Subsequently, the client successfully entered the US market and was later acquired by a larger global player.

The objective of this study was to formulate a growth strategy to expand its market share in the cheese starter-culture ingredient market. The client had proprietary technology and also expertise in starter-culture production. However, a change in the structure of the home dairy market led the company to seek other markets for expansion. Strategic options, therefore, included selling products and skills into new markets, acquiring or developing new products and accessing new enabling technologies.

The client was unable to increase domestic sales, so CPL formulated a strategy for growth without cannibalising its existing sales.  CPL proposed a number of specific scenarios as parts of the overall strategy, focussing on the US. We then sensitised these scenarios according to aspects of the markets, trends, products, technology and companies involved.

Cheese Ingredient Growth Strategy

Executive Summary

  • Objective & Method
  • Principal Findings
    • Markets
    • Research and Development
    • Probiotics
  • Recommendations
    • Strategy
    • Actions
    • Technology Transfer

Cheese Markets in the US e.g.:

  • Market Trends
  • Research
  • Cheese Imports

Potential Partnerships with Cheese Companies

  • Discussions with Cheese Companies
  • Overview of Academic Dairy Research & Development

Probiotics and Nutraceuticals in the US

  • Market
  • Trends
  • Research
  • Competition and Partnerships

Partnerships in Probiotics: Examples

  • Contacts in Probiotic/Dairy R&D

Dairy Organisations in the US

  • National
  • State and Multi-State

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