The objective of this study was to formulate a strategy for the client to expand its market share of the cheese starter-culture market. The client has proprietary technology and expertise in the production of starter cultures for cheese. A change in the structure of the home dairy market has led the company to seek other markets for its products. The client was advised to adopt a strategy to sell its products and skills into new markets, to acquire or develop new products to sell and to know about and have access to new technology.

While its domestic sales could no longer grow a strategy was sought to permit growth, but without undercutting its domestic sales. A number of specific scenarios were proposed as parts of the overall strategy focussing on the US. These included aspects of the markets, trends, products, technology and companies involved.

Table of contents

Principal Findings

  • Markets
  • Research and Development
  • Probiotics


  • Strategy
  • Actions
  • Name and Information
  • Technology Transfer

Cheese Markets in the US

  • Trends
  • Research
  • Imports of Cheese

Potential Partnerships with Cheese Companies

  • Discussions with Cheese Companies
  • Overview of Academic Dairy Research & Development

Probiotics and Nutraceuticals in the US

  • The market
  • Trends
  • Research
  • The competition and partnerships

Partnerships in probiotics: examples

  • Contacts in probiotic/dairy R&D

National, State and Multi-State Dairy Organisations in the US

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