In this case study, a bioprotection company engaged CPL Business Consultants to review the microbial biopesticides products on the market.  CPL’s detailed review covered the products and the companies involved and also included practical advice for the client, such as pitfalls to avoid.

This report reviewed most of the microbial biopesticide products that were or had been on the market. The complexity of the task was such that we decided it was best to list products by their active ingredient, then indicate which companies were or had been involved in that sector, and then listing the products made by those companies.

The report included most micro-organisms used in crop protection; it also included a few organisms used as biofertilisers and plant growth stimulants. Some of these biofertilisers were especially easy to make and did not require registration; therefore, companies have tended to come and go with some speed, and it is difficult to keep track of them. Similarly, there are a number of distributors of biopesticides who have renamed the products for their territories, sometimes not even achieving registration. Again, it is not always possible to know who is currently actively distributing other peoples’ products without inside information.

The report also included itemised technical and commercial ‘drivers’ of the biopesticides business and a discussion of the success factors in biopesticides, including the internal capabilities generally thought useful when competing in biopesticides. Please look below for an outline detailing some of the report content.

Biopesticide Products Review

Bacterial Biopesticide Products e.g.

  • Agrobacterium radiobacter
  • Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)
  • Streptomyces griseoviridis K-

Fungi for Disease Control e.g.

  • Trichoderma
  • Gliocladium
  • Coniotherium minitans

Fungi for Insect Control e.g.

  • Beauvaria
  • Metarhizium
  • Verticillium

Biopesticides for Weed Control

Other Microbial Biopesticides e.g.

  • Mycorrhizae
  • Viruses
  • Nematodes
  • Protozoa

Products Made and Sold or Given Away by Public Bodies

Biopesticide Drivers

  • Technical Aspects
  • Commercial Aspects

Key Success Factors and Internal Capabilities Required

Company Objectives e.g.

  • Funding
    • Venture Capital Funding
    • Corporate Funding
  • Sufficient Money

Technical Issues e.g.

  • Strains Of Micro-Organisms
  • Fermentation
  • Delivery
  • Success in Production

Marketing and Sales e.g.

  • Registration
  • The Selling Price of a Biopesticide
  • Accessible Markets and Marketing Focus
  • Distribution and Sales

CPL has worked on numerous projects involving biopesticides including business plans, acquisitions and markets. We have also worked more generally in crop protection. You can find further examples of our work on biopesticides on this site. Please look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables and differentiators. You can also review eight case studies.

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