In this case study, a global crop protection company engaged CPL Business Consultants to find potential acquisitions in biopesticides as part of its growth strategy. 


The objective of this project was to assist a Client in identifying potential target companies for acquisitions in biopesticides.  The Client asked CPL to focus on companies in biopesticides operating in specific market sectors. In addition, the Client asked for recommendations from CPL on companies/products which can be acquired.

This report was based on CPL’s screening of companies in the biopesticides industry. From a comprehensive long list of companies, we have produced a shortlist, which CPL prioritised using its non-parametric analysis to find the top 10 target companies.


Initially, CPL compiled a list of companies operating in the crop protection industry with biological or biopesticide products. We then reduced this list when reviewing their activities by rejecting those that clearly did not meet the proposed criteria. After completing the filtering stage, we then prioritised the remaining companies for a more detailed assessment.

We used a Non-Parametric Analysis (NPA) to rank companies according to how well they matched the Client’s criteria and identified the top 10 most promising targets. Finally, CPL gave recommendations on how to proceed with the approach to these biopesticide companies.

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Table of Contents

Non-Parametric Analysis

  • List Compilation and Selection of Companies/Products
  • Recommendations for Biopesticides Acquisitions

Supporting Information

  • Biopesticide Company Profiles
  • Biopesticide Company Valuations
  • Contact Reports

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