In this case study, a global crop protection company engaged CPL Business Consultants to analyse the market for post-harvest insect control in grains. CPL provided a detailed report which included our thought on the future market and strategic recommendations to the client. 

The objective of this study was to quantify and characterise the market for post-harvest grain treatments for insect control. This was to assist a client in the crop protection business in developing its strategy in respect of this sector of the market.

CPL obtained information from various sources, including face-to-face meetings with researchers, government organisations and commercial grain processing companies using these products. Full details of the contacts made were supplied in the report. Additionally, we obtained market information from various public and proprietary sources.

CPL was, therefore, able to provide a fact-based and validated analysis of the market, which allowed the client to make strategic decisions for the future growth of the company with confidence.

Post-harvest Insect Control Market

Executive Summary

  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Current Post-harvest Insect Control Market

  • Volumes
  • Value
  • Growth (CAGR)

Current Post-harvest Insect Control Products

  • Products
  • Prices

Future Post-harvest Insect Control Market

  • Major driving forces
    • Legislation
    • New methods of insect control
    • Food standards
    • User satisfaction
    • Resistance
    • Need to control other problems
    • New materials and construction of stores
  • Technical and market trends
    • Grain quality
    • Stored grain quality




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