In this case study, a food biotechnology company engaged CPL Business Consultants to analyse market drivers in biological crop protection. CPL’s report included insights and recommendations which helped achieve a successful market entry. 

CPL’s client had expertise in fermentation and had developed a product which could be used as a biopesticide against fungal pathogens. The client, therefore, wanted to explore options for establishing a business unit addressing this market and required guidance on how to do this.

CPL provided its client with a guide to drivers in the crop protection market, particularly biological products. We detailed the motivations to invest in biologicals and what underlies market growth, as well as factors restraining growth. On the technical side, we reported on biopesticides production and performance improvements, scale-up challenges and replicating lab performance commercially.  Then, we discussed the key success factors for biological crop protection products with respect to funding, operations, registration and marketing. Finally, we recommended an approach to the market.


Crop Protection Market Drivers

Crop Protection Drivers and Restraints

  • Financial Aspects
    • Financial Drivers
    • Financial Restraints
  • Technical Aspects
    • Technical Drivers
    • Technical Restraints
  • Commercial Aspects
    • Commercial Drivers
    • Commercial Restraints

Key Success Factors and Capabilities Required

  • Company Objectives
  • Funding Biopesticides
    • Venture Capital Funding
    • Corporate Funding
    • Financial Resource Requirements
  • Biopesticides Technical Requirements e.g.
    • Fermentation
    • Formulation
    • Biopesticide Production Success
  • Marketing and Selling Biopesticides e.g.
    • Registration of Biopesticides
    • Biopesticide Pricing
    • Accessible Markets and Marketing Focus

Market Drivers for Conventional versus Biological Crop Protection

Three Case Studies

  • Observations on biopesticides companies

Scenario for the Client

  • Strategic recommendations on market entry

CPL has worked on many biopesticides projects including strategic alliances,  and opportunities. You can find further examples of our work, e.g. on biopesticides, on this site. Please look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables and differentiators. You can also review eight case studies.

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