The objective of this study was to address the issues around the manufacturing of bio-pesticides via fermentation. Our client particularly wanted to know about which participants have capabilities in submerged and solid support fermentation and the typical costs for production via fermentation. We provided our client with suggestions for how it proceed in the industry, namely by selection of appropriate partner, and the nature of the relationship with the partner. Lastly, we provided a guide to the practicalities of solid state fermentation

The contents of the report are outlined below:

Production Types

  • ‘Submerged’ Players
  • ‘Solid’ Players

Production Costs

  • Submerged Costs
  • Solid Costs



Typical Solid Fermentation

  • The Critical Nature Of Production
  • Solid Fermentation (SSF)
  • Steps in Solid Fermentation
    • Chose a Method
    • Select a Medium
    • Control Particle Size
    • Sterilize the Medium
    • Cool the Medium
    • Provide an Inoculum
    • Maintain Sterility
    • Transfer Oxygen and Heat
    • Control the Final Growth Stage
    • Recover the Product
    • Scale-Up the System

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