In this case study, a global crop protection company engaged CPL Business Consultants to review the biopesticides business and identify areas which could offer a potential opportunity for growth.

As part of a strategic review, CPL was asked to identify areas of significant growth which could represent potential opportunities for the client. CPL’s concise report included a spreadsheet model of the markets and also our recommendations on which areas were most attractive.

Biopesticides Growth Opportunities

Segmentation of the Biopesticides Market

CPL first segmented the biopesticides business into four broad segments:

  • Microbial biopesticides (those based on bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa)
  • Semiochemicals (insect behaviour modifiers including pheromones)
  • Botanicals (naturally occurring plant derivatives with pesticidal activity)
  • Macrobials (predators, parasites, pollinators and entomopathogenic nematodes).

After segmenting the market, for each of these biopesticides segments, we reviewed the market dynamics (volumes, values, growth, opportunities and trends) as outlined below.

Biopesticides Market Overview

Bioprotection Market Value and Volumes

  • Application/Crops
  • Product Types
  • Regions

Trends in the Bioprotection Market

  • Historic trends
  • Emerging and disruptive trends

Growth Opportunities in the Biopesticides Market

  • Historic growth (CAGR, last 10 years)
  • Projected growth (CAGR, next 10 years)

Finally, CPL drew conclusions and made strategic recommendations based on the information above and its experience in this sector.

Conclusions on Biopesticides Growth Opportunities

  • Opinion on where the greatest opportunities are

Recommendations for Biopesticides Growth Opportunities

  • Strategic recommendations on what to do next

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CPL Business Consultants has worked on numerous projects on bioprotection, including product reviews, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Please have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies. You can also click here for a PDF version of the outline of the study.

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