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Objective and Background

The objective of this project was to assist the client in determining whether opportunities exist in the wheat fibre business for its new wheat bran product. The investigation focussed on evaluating the market for wheat fibre in foodstuffs, determining the applications for insoluble wheat fibre within foods, to assess the potential competition from other insoluble fibres and to evaluate market trends within the dietary fibre market generally.


The main content of the study was based on in-house databases and publicly available information (e.g. data from government agencies, patents, scientific journals, trade press, internet etc.).

A number of contacts were made with producers from CPL’s extensive network of contacts.

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Table of Contents

Objective and Method

Principal Findings

  • Market
  • Price
  • Producers, Sellers and Buyers
  • Applications
  • Wheat Bran Products
  • Other Insoluble Fibre Products
  • Other Possible End Products
  • Patents and News Items




  • Value of Fibre Products Sold For Food Use
    • Global Whole Grain and High Fibre Foods Market
    • Global Dietary Fibre Market
    • European Dietary Fibre Market
    • Market Growth and Trends

Fibre Markets Tables and Figures

  • Competitive Fibre Landscape
  • US
    • US Insoluble Fibres Market
    • US Soluble Fibres Market
  • Europe
    • EU Insoluble Fibres Market
    • EU Soluble Fibres Market

Products and End-Products/Applications

  • Functional and Nutritional Properties
  • Applications
  • The Competing Products: Wheat Bran
    • Functional and Nutritional Properties
    • Wheat Bran Extract Products
    • Combination Products
  • The Competing Products: Other Insoluble Fibres
    • 11 products
  • Other Dietary Fibre Products

Other Applications for Wheat Bran/Fibre

  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries
  • Animal Feed
  • Pet Food
  • Biofuels


  • Dietary Fibres
    • 9 companies
  • Insoluble Fibre
    • 76 companies

Fibre News

Patents (April 2011-March 2013)

  • US Patent Search
  • European Patent Search (excluding Chinese patents)

Product Specifications

  • Apple Fibre
  • Oat Fibre
    • Oat fibre overview
    • Oat fibre specification sheet
  • Pea Fibre
  • Potato Fibre
  • Wheat Fibre
  • Wheat Bran
  • Product Range

Other Products

  • 4 Companies

46 Tables

22 Figures

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