A global food ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to examine the market dynamics for erythritol and give strategic recommendations on whether it should enter this market. CPL provided a comprehensive report with clear and actionable recommendations for the client. 


The purpose of this study was to help our client understand the ‘market dynamics’ of the European and North American markets for erythritol in food and beverages. This included the volumes, values, trends, players and competition, customers, key success factors and barriers to entry.


The study was based initially on sources available to CPL, including in-house databases, an extensive network of contacts (the CPL Value-Net) and other publicly available information such as that obtained from patents and technical literature. CPL had previously worked on several projects relating to markets for erythritol and other polyols.

Additional information was sought from selected contacts within the industry and at conferences and exhibitions. These contacts included companies involved in the erythritol businesses: competitors, potential competitors and customers.

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Erythritol Market Dynamics

Objective, Background and Scope

Principal Findings

  • Introduction
  • Players, Production and Capacity
  • IP, Regulations and Safety
  • Applications and New Products
  • Success Factors & Barriers to Entry
  • Stevia

Conclusions and Recommendations

Erythritol Markets

  • Current Market
    • Volume, Value, Growth & Prices
    • Main Players
    • Chinese competitors
    • Production capacity
    • Regulatory
    • Applications
    • Safety
  • Contact Overview of the Market
    • Market
    • Products containing erythritol
    • Reduced calorie chocolate confectionary overview
    • Confectionery gums overview
    • Stevia as a Market Driver
    • Production in China
    • Price and Supply
    • Regulatory
    • Safety
  • Market Summary

Current Players

  • Erythritol Manufacturing Companies
  • Chinese Companies Claiming to Produce or Sell Erythritol
  • Recent Import & Export Data
    • US Imports
  • Recent European and Chinese Exports

Success Factors & Barriers to Entry

  • Success Factors
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Marketing History of Some Similar New Ingredients

Products Containing Erythritol

  • Products by Country
    • Erythritol Product Launches
    • Product launches by country
  • By Category
    • Examples of products with and product information on erythritol
    • Description of Product Appendices

Uses for Erythritol

  • Technical Information
  • Erythritol in Products
    • In beverages
    • In sugar free and/or diabetic chocolate
    • In sugar free, low calorie and/or diabetic ice cream
    • In yoghurts and dairy products
    • In bakery items
    • In confectionery
    • In dietary supplements
  • Erythritol Functionality in Food Products
  • Potential Uses for Erythritol
  • Benefits
  • Dis-Benefits
  • Physiological Issues in Consumption
  • Polyol Competitors to Erythritol
    • Isomalt
    • Lactitol
    • Maltitol
    • Xylitol
  • Product Launch Activity for Sugars and Sweeteners in 2010

Regulatory Status of Erythritol

  • Approvals for Erythritol
  • Approval in the EU
    • EU approval justification
    • EU non-approval in beverages
  • Canadian Approval

Production Costs for Erythritol

  • Introduction and Conclusions
  • Cost Summaries
    • Summary of Erythritol cost in 2004
    • Summary of Erythritol cost in 2012
  • Analysis of Cost
  • Production Process
    • Process flow
  • Raw Materials
    • Glucose price impact on erythritol
    • Glucose price vs glucose value
  • Fermentation
  • Capital Costs
  • Annexes
    • Definitions
    • Process details and assumptions

Stevia – A Key Market Driver for Erythritol

  • Producers and Capacities
  • Contact Overview – Stevia
  • Recent Information on Stevia

Contact Reports

  • Polyol Suppliers
    • 19 suppliers
  • Others
    • 2 Companies
  • End Users and Potential End Users
    • 24 companies and subsidiaries

Selected Contact Reports

  • Producers
    • 16 contacts
  • Actual or Potential Users
    • 14 contacts
  • Others
    • 5 contacts

Patents Relating to Erythritol

  • Erythritol Patents Worldwide
    • ‘Erythritol’ patents
    • ‘Erythritol and stevia’ patents
    • ‘Erythritol and new’ patents
    • ‘Erythritol and production’ patents
    • US Erythritol patents
  • Overview
    • Production
    • Food & beverage
    • Hard coatings and gum mass
    • Pharmaceutical and other
  • Patents


  • Overview of News
    • 21 articles
  • Recent Selection of News
  • Historic Selected News
    • Company A’s History

34 Tables

40 Figures

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