In this case study, a leading producer of natural ingredients engaged CPL business Consultants to provide a detailed analysis of mannitol world market demand, applications, outlook on growth rates and trends. We also profiled producers, including capacities and estimated cost structure, current prices and price development, substitutes and the risk of substitution.

CPL made strategic recommendations on the potential opportunity relative to other market development initiatives the client was considering. Following CPL’s recommendation, the client made an informed decision on how it should proceed.

Click here for a PDF of the contents of the study or look below for an outline. Another report on this topic can be found here.

Mannitol Market Strategy

Executive Summary


CPL assessed the opportunity for its client to enter the market for mannitol, a polyol (sugar alcohol), which is widely used as an ingredient in food and pharmaceuticals due to its unique functional properties.

Principal Findings

  • Market & Trends
    • Polyols
    • Mannitol
  • Players & Products
  • Success Factors and Barriers To Entry
  • Properties & Applications
  • Technology, IPR & Process Availability
  • Substitutes
  • Legislation

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Specific recommendations to the client


  • General Properties
  • Applications

Mannitol Market Volume, Value, Growth, Price & Trends

  • Introduction
  • Market Development
  • Current Market
    • Volume
    • Value
    • Growth
    • Price
  • Forecast

Players and Products

  • Manufacturers

Mannitol Properties and Uses

  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Safety
  • Healthy Confectionery
    • World Market
    • Market Development
    • Science Behind the Claims
  • Technology, IPR and Process Availability
    • Organisations Offering Production Technology
  • Production Technology
    • Chemical Hydrogenation
    • Microbial Production
    • Recovery from Bioconversion Medium

Potential Substitutes for Mannitol

  • Erythritol
  • Xylitol
  • Isomalt
  • Others


  • EU Purity Criteria Use in Foods
  • SCF Opinion on Manufacturing by Fermentation
  • Allergen Labelling Rules

Patents & Other Mannitol Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Overview of IP
  • Patents

Mannitol News

  • News Articles


  • Polyol Producers
  • End Users
  • Others


  • Structure of Mannitol
  • Sales by Region
  • Solubility of Mannitol and Sorbitol in Water


  • Data Tables

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