In this case study, an international food manufacturer engaged CPL Business Consultants to quantify the potential value and markets for mannitol as a co-product.  This project resulted from an earlier study where CPL looked at the potential of valorising components its waste-stream. CPL characterised the market and also made recommendations on market attractiveness and the next steps to take.

Objective and Method

The objective was to provide insights into the mannitol market, in order to gauge the potential for valorising the client’s production effluent.  CPL identified the key markets, values and price points and additionally interviewed experts with a specific knowledge of polyols and mannitol.

You can click here to see the contents of the study or see an outline below. Click here for another case study on mannitol, and here for an example report on polyols.

Table of Contents


  • General Properties of Mannitol
  • Mannitol Applications

Mannitol Market and Trends

  • Market Trends
  • Key Success Factors
  • Legislation and Regulations

US Mannitol Imports

Mannitol Exports to the United States from Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and ROW

Trade in Mannitol from and to Europe (EU27)

Imports and exports of mannitol to EU 27 countries.

Players and Products

Profiles of Mannitol Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Chinese Manufacturers
    • 10 Chinese mannitol manufacturers profiled
  • Other Manufacturers

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