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The objective of this market study is to assist our client in better understanding the markets for mannitol, one of the by-products of its production processes.


CPL gathered together a volume of data on mannitol obtained from import / export data. In addition, CPL spoke to several contacts knowledgeable about the business of polyols and/or mannitol specifically.

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Table of Contents




Market and Trends

  • Success factors
  • Properties & Applications
  • Legislation

Conclusions and Recommendations


  • General properties of mannitol
  • Applications of mannitol


  • Summary of market trends
  • Introduction
  • US imports
  • China exports to USA
  • Brazil exports to USA
  • France exports to USA
  • German exports to USA
  • Italy exports to USA
  • ROW Exports to USA

Europe (EU27)

  • Imports
  • Exports

Players and Products

  • Email enquiry

Chinese Manufacturers

  • 10 companies

11 Tables

12 Figures

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