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Background and Objective

Sweeteners such sucralose are used to reduce the sugar and calorie content in a wide variety of food and drink products. This report provided our client with an overview of the market for high intensity sweeteners, with a focus on sucralose. This included analysis of market size, product prices and market growth, and description of its technical properties and regulatory and IP status. We also report on several sweeteners that compete with sucralose.

Click here for a PDF of the contents of the study or look below for an outline.

Table of Contents


  • Markets
  • Patents
  • Customers
  • Technical Properties


  • Nutritive Sweeteners
    • Sugar
    • Starch Sweeteners
    • Fructose
  • Semi-Nutritive Sweeteners
  • Non-Nutritive Sweeteners
  • Sweetness and Taste Measurement

Markets for HIS

  • Prices
  • Volumes and Values
    • Growth Rates
  • Price Elasticity


  • Approvals
  • Properties
    • Technological Justification for Sucralose
    • Companies’ Views of the Technical Value of Sucralose
  • Market Penetration
  • Patents

Competition – Other High Intensity Sweeteners

  • Sweetener 1
    • Functionality
    • Safety
    • Regulatory Status
  • Sweetener 2
    • Functionality
    • Safety
  • Sweetener 3
    • Functionality
    • Safety
  • Sweetener 4
    • Functionality
    • Properties and Stability
    • Applications
    • Safety
    • Physiology
  • Sweetener 5
    • Taste
    • Stability
    • Functionality

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