In this case study, a global chemicals and fertiliser company engaged CPL Business Consultants to assist with implementing a strategic alliance in alternative crop protection. CPL assessed and made recommendations concerning a potential strategic partner; the client has since entered the business in partnership.

The purpose was to assist the client with its go-to-market strategy,  specifically assessing the suitability of a potential partner for a strategic alliance in alternative crop protection. The study addressed the performance and reputation of the potential partner’s portfolio, e.g. biopesticides and plant growth regulators. In addition, we discussed the potential partner’s view of its longer-term research and development and business strategy.

CPL carried out the study by obtaining information from various sources, e.g. contacts in biopesticides, as well as agents and distributors, academic, government and institutional researchers and pest control personnel.

We divided the report into two sections:

  • Firstly, CPL reported on the potential strategic alliance partner’s products and marketplace perception of these products worldwide.
  • Secondly, we discussed biotechnology trends as they relate to the potential strategic alliance partner. CPL also described the role of gibberellins, the active ingredient in most of the potential partner’s plant growth regulatory products.

Alternative Crop Protection – Strategic Alliance

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Method
  • Principal Findings
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Potential Strategic Alliance Partner’s Alternative Crop Protection Portfolio

  • Summary of potential strategic alliance partner’s portfolio
  • Products based on Bacillus thuringiensis
    • Forestry e.g.:
      • US
      • Canada
    • Vector control
    • Agricultural/horticultural
    • Impact of transgenic Bt crops
    • Impact of acquisitions
  • Products based on Plant Growth Regulators
  • Other products
  • Contacts
    • Notes from contacts

Biotechnology Trends

  • View of Company
  • Contacts

Gibberellins in Alternative Crop Protection

  • Malting
  • Fruit
  • Crops
  • Anti-gibberellins

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