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The objective of this project was to identify of fields of innovation in biological crop protection, enabled by chemical and biological solutions and disruptive technologies and to identify companies which addressed these innovations and technologies. The aim was to assist a client in populating its pipeline of potential acquisitions in the field of biological crop protection.  The scope of the project was biopesticides: bioinsecticides, biofungicides, bioherbicides and others (e.g. bionematicides).


CPL conducted a thorough analysis of the biopesticides market, looking at trends, innovation areas and unmet needs. From this a list or search fields (areas of potential interest) and an initial list of companies of interest was obtained. The search fields were evaluated and prioritised and market champions/SMEs addressing these areas identified. The SMEs were reviewed and prioritised, including analyses of the fit to the search fields, fit to the client (e.g. potential synergies) and deal logic. The final list of companies were reviewed with the client.

400 search fields were initially identified, 60 of which were prioritised and consolidated into 14 major search fields.  A long-list of 599 SMEs was produced, of which 449 were initially removed as out-of-scope. The mid-list consisted of 150 companies, 119 of which were deprioritised based on their fit to the search fields, level of scientific and market proof and commercial capabilities. A shortlist of 31 companies were assessed for potential synergy with the client.

The project was based on desk-based research and interviews with expert contacts in CPL’s networks.


The final report included detailed assessments of the shortlisted SMEs and spreadsheets including detailed market sizing, company analysis and prioritisations.

The final presentation included the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Project Motivation and Approach
  • Prioritization of Search Fields
  • Prioritization of SMEs
  • Upsides beyond Biological Crop Protection
  • Recommended Path Forward

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