In this case study, a multinational animal nutrition, premix, and feed additive company engaged CPL Business Consultants to formulate a growth strategy for geographic expansion. CPL provided clear recommendations and workable tactics to achieve its business growth ambitions. 

Objective and Background

The objective of this project was to assist our client, a multinational producer of premixes, starter feeds and speciality additives for pigs, poultry and ruminants, in developing a strategy for further international growth. The client was considering its strategy for the future development of its international business; therefore, part of this consideration was to prioritise specific geographic markets. The other factors included market accessibility and appropriateness, future growth rate (CAGR), and the market entry mode, e.g., joint venture, acquisition, and other types of partnerships.

CPL’s objective was to help the client crystallise its strategic objectives and to assist it in developing workable tactics to also to implement the strategy.


CPL’s approach was to initially define the areas of strategic interest in the context of the client’s know-how and desires to grow organically, by a joint venture, etc., as well as the geographic areas of interest.

The report included a strategic and tactical plan and also an overview of new markets for existing animal feed ingredient products and potential markets for new additive products. The feed ingredient market overview therefore focused on geographical areas and targets that were most likely to meet the client’s aspirations and growth strategy.

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Strategy for an Animal Nutrition Company

Executive Summary

  • Objective and Background
  • Method and Scope
  • Principal Findings & Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Premix and Feed Additive Markets

  • Markets by Product
    • Premixes and Additives Markets
    • Global Poultry Production and Trends
    • Global Egg Production and Trends
    • Other Poultry Meats and Trends
    • Poultry End User Markets & Further Comment on Production
  • Markets by Region
    • Northern Europe
    • Central and North America
    • Eastern Europe
    • Middle East and North Africa
    • Asia Pacific

Data Collection

  • Overall Data Comparison
  • Key Primary Data
  • Non-Parametric Analysis

Global Competitive Environment

  • Global Competitors
  • Potential Alliances

SWOT & Qualitative Regional Analysis

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Historical Relations with Home Market
  • Language
  • Population & Geography
  • Weather and Crops
  • Political Stability
  • Competitor Presence
  • Potential Margins
  • Industry Structure
  • Culture & Religion
  • Statistics

Contact Reports

  • Overview of Contact Views
  • Contact Summary Listing
  • Potential Supplier Relationships
  • Potential Clients by Region

6 Tables & 69 Figures

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