Aadarsh Mishra joined CPL Business Consultants in 2021 as an analyst.

Aadarsh Mishra joined CPL Business Consultants in 2021 as an analyst. He has worked on diverse topics including vitamins & minerals, animal feed additives, bio-pesticides, sustainable agriculture, speciality chemicals and natural flavours.

Aadarsh was previously a Research and Development (R&D) Engineer at Alesi Surgical in Cardiff. He co-invented and designed an ‘electrode shield’ which was filed as a UK and International patent application. Aadarsh has co-authored a paper in Nano Letters (published by American Chemical Society) where he performed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations.

Aadarsh Mishra worked at IIT Delhi as a Project Associate from 2017-19 on a Ministry of Defence project.  He developed experimental setups for high-strain rate testing. Previously, Adarsh completed a research internship at the Indian Institute of Science on tribology (interacting surfaces in relative motion).

He has recently submitted his thesis for a DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.  His research has involved the rheology and biomechanical modelling of gels and soft tissues. He completed his BEng with a First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Cardiff University. Aadarsh is an Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a Member of the European Society of Rheology.