IFST Spring Conference (SC24), TBC, April 2024

The 2023 edition of the IFST Spring Conference (SC23) was held on 27 April 2023; however, the date and venue for the 2024 edition (SC24) have yet to be confirmed.  

The Institute of Food Science and Technology

The Institute of Food Science and Technology is an independent membership body, which supports food professionals through knowledge sharing and professional recognition. Dr Robert Harwood, is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science of Technology (FIFST).

IFST Spring Conference (SC23)

Cardiff Metropolitan University held IFST’s Spring Conference (SC23) on 27 April 2023. This year it was a live In-person event after two years of conferences online. The conference explored the day-to-day challenges around food safety, food affordability and authenticity. Additionally, these themes were coupled with solutions and ideas showcasing innovative science and technologies.

Each session featured science applied to the real world, including research on how climate change impacts crops and finished products, innovations in minimising food waste and technologies for sustainable foods. Also, the conference was enriched by a thought-provoking programme of industry-relevant and experienced professional speakers.

The conference showcased the very best in food science, and in particular, its application through the very latest in technologies. Furthermore, it celebrated the positive contribution food science and technology makes in delivering: safe and authentic, sustainable, nutritious, and tasty food. Therefore these four themes will form the backbone of the programme.

Conference Themes

Three mega food challenges currently sit front and centre stage for all professionals working in the food sector:

  • Food Security (supply chain robustness, food affordability)
  • Health and Nutrition (obesity, allergens, nutritional density)
  • The Environment (sustainability, biodiversity, net zero.

Significantly, none of these themes act in isolation and it is the combination of each of these that bring the greatest challenges, and which were the focus for the conference this year. Opportunities to update knowledge and network with colleagues and members abounded at SC23.

In conclusion, the IFST brought the latest scientific thinking along with real-life, practical solutions and examples. SC23 also provided opportunities to add to Continuing Professional Development and also gave inspiration and solutions to apply in the workplace.

We look forward to the IFST Spring Conference in 2024 (SC24); the Institute of Food Science and Technology are yet to confirm the conference details, but they will be posted here when available.