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The main objective of this short project was to provide advice on how the ingredients industry is evolving and how our client, a live media company, could best position itself to take advantage of these trends. A second objective was to provide advice on how the client could expand by improving shows in food ingredients and related sectors.


With CPL’s consultancy team having different experiences and backgrounds, giving them different views about trends in the food ingredients industry, each member prepared a short overview on the trends they each thought important.

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Table of Contents



Individual Essays on the Trends

  • Overview of Trends
  • Evolution of the Ingredients Industry
  • Heart Health
  • Functional Foods / Dietary Supplements
  • ‘Free From’ (Allergens)
  • Weight Management
  • Natural/ Clean Label
  • ‘Better For You’ Food Products
  • Sodium Reduction
  • Innovative Cost Control
  • Hydrocolloids and Hydrocolloids as Health Ingredients
  • New Product Development in the Food Industry

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