The objective of this thorough study was to assist our client in planning the commercial development of sphingolipids as ingredients for various end markets by providing it with an understanding of the market dynamics and nuances in order to plan how it can do this.

The report provides a number of business scenarios for sphingolipids along with recommendations as to which are the most favoured, as well as the best, most cost-effective and profitable approaches to the market.


The main contents of the study were based on a large number of sources, including in-house databases, government regulators, trade journals, patent databases, scientific journals and existing reports on market sectors in which sphingolipids could be utilised.

CPL carried out an extensive search and review of scientific publications, patents, trade news, regulatory databases and clinical trials databases. During the course of the study, selected contacts were made with potential users of sphingolipids within the relevant market sectors.

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Commercial Development of Sphingolipids

Objectives, Background and Scope

Outline Business Plans

  • Four Business Plan Scenarios
  • Customers & Segments
  • Distribution Channels
  • Partners & Activities
  • Resources & Costs
  • Potential Revenues

Principal Findings & Conclusions

  • Potential Markets for Sphingolipids
    • Global Nutrition Market
    • Infant Nutrition
    • Supplements
    • Medical Foods
  • Sphingolipid Products and Players
  • Cost-Elasticity of a Sphingolipid Product as a New Ingredient
    • Supplements
    • Food
    • Potential market sizes
  • Value Chain
  • Distribution Chain
  • Clinical Trials and Regulatory
  • Scientific Literature
  • News


Markets for Sphingolipids

  • Global Nutrition Market
    • Summary of the Value and Growth (CAGR) of Various Market Sectors
  • Markets for Sphingolipids
    • Nutricosmetics
      • Markets by region
      • Market drivers
    • Infant Nutrition
      • Market constraints
  • Possible Future Markets for Sphingolipids
    • Supplements
      • The US Supplements Market
      • The UK Supplements Market
      • Market Drivers
    • Medical Food
      • Medical Food Ingredients Market

Sphingolipid Players and Products

  • Summary
    • Manufacturers
    • Distributors
    • Finished Products
  • Manufacturers
    • 22 Companies
  • Distributors
    • 8 Companies
  • Examples of Finished Products
    • 14 Products

Cost-Elasticity of Sphingolipid Product as a New Ingredient

Distribution Chain

  • Summary
  • Food Distribution Chain in the US
  • Functional Foods Distribution Chain
  • Supplement Distribution Channels
    • Distribution Channels in the US
    • Distribution Channels in the UK
    • Distribution Channels in Japan
    • Distribution Channels in China
  • Infant Nutrition Distribution
    • Infant Nutrition in China
  • Medical Foods Distribution Channels

Sphingolipid Clinical Trials and Regulation

  • Summary
  • Clinical Trials
  • Regulations

Scientific Literature

  • Selected Scientific Literature Summary

Sphingolipid Patents

  • Patent Activity of Key Players
  • Manufacturing
  • Sphingolipid Applications

Contact Reports

  • Overview Contact Reports

News Overview

  • News Articles

114 Tables

76 Figures

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