In this case study, an international ingredient manufacturer engaged CPL Business Consultants to look into the market for raffinose, a rare sugar, as part of its diversification and growth strategy. 

CPL aimed to determine potential opportunities in raffinose markets. Focussing on the food and medical industries, the study then sought to:

  1. Determine the properties;
  2. Determine the market price and type;
  3. Estimate the market demand for food and medical uses;
  4. Identify existing manufacturers, distributors and users;
  5. Determine possible functional properties that might lead to new markets;
  6. Determine the regulatory issues regarding the use as a food ingredient in Japan, the EU, and the USA.

The study used various sources, including in-house data, and external databases, e.g. market data and medical research. In addition, CPL visited research centres and viewed facilities.

CPL contacted stakeholders their views, e.g. manufacturers, distributors and users in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We analysed and described the market, properties, and uses and also the companies involved in research, manufacture, distribution and use.

We also investigated prices and manufactured product volumes. Consequently, this allowed us to draw conclusions on the current market perspective and give insight into the market opportunities.

Raffinose Markets


  • Chemical Structure
  • Origin
  • Price

Uses of Raffinose

  • Medical
    • Medical Applications
    • Raffinose Medical Research
  • Food
    • Functional Foods
    • Speciality Diets
    • Food Research
  • Other
    • Research Uses

Raffinose Companies

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Users

Raffinose Research

  • Medical and Food Researchers

Regulatory Approvals for Raffinose

  • Japan, EU, UK, US

Regulatory Contact Reports

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