The objective of this study was to assist the client in determining whether an opportunity existed to enter the rare sugars business. Focussing on the food and medical industries, the study sought to:

  1. Determine the properties of raffinose;
  2. Determine the market price and type for raffinose;
  3. Estimate the market demand for food and medical uses;
  4. Identify existing manufacturers, distributors and users;
  5. Determine possible functional properties of raffinose that might lead to new markets;
  6. Determine the regulatory issues regarding the use as a food ingredient in Japan, EU, and the USA.

The study was carried out using a variety of sources including in-house data, information and contacts from the Internet and other publicly available references such as market data reports and medical abstracts. Research centres were visited and facilities viewed. Manufactures, distributors and users of the product in the pharmaceutical and food industry were contacted and consulted for their views. A description of raffinose, its market, properties and uses were collated along with the companies involved in research, manufacture, distribution and use. Prices and volumes of the product manufactured and sold were also investigated. This allowed conclusions to be drawn on the current perspective of the raffinose market, and the study gave insight into market opportunities.

Table of Contents


  • Chemical Structure
  • Origin
  • Price

Uses of Raffinose

  • Medical
    • Organ Preservation
    • O-Raffinose Cross Linked Haemoglobin
    • Medical Research Into Raffinose
  • Food
    • Functional Foods
    • Speciality Diets
      • Elderly
      • Babies
      • Travellers
    • Food Research Into Raffinose
  • Other
    • Raffinose-Bifidobacterium Agar




Medical Researchers

Food Researchers

Regulatory Issues

  • Japan
  • EU
  • UK
  • US

Regulatory Contact Reports

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