The objective of this study was to determine whether or not there was likely to be a market for co-crystallised products and to recommend a sales structure and sales systems for these products. There is a market in the US for co-crystallised sugars and it was thought that the utility of these products would allow them to be sold in the EU.

This study was approached by initially considering the prospects for co-crystallised sugars in the market sectors in which they are sold in the US. The prospects for newer products, carrying flavours or other nutrients were then addressed. An investigation was carried out to determine if a collaborative venture with a flavour company was a possibility.

Companies were approached and opinions were solicited. Specific data was obtained where possible. Companies contacted included those selling similar products, those manufacturing products that currently contain or might include such products in future, companies that have successfully exploited similar opportunities and finally, other companies with experiences relevant to the client’s objectives.

Sectors investigated included breakfast cereals, biscuits, pharmaceuticals and flavours.

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