In this case study, an international ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to analyse the market potential of raffinose in Japan and the EU for its growth strategy. 


During the project, CPL obtained information on the use of raffinose and trends in raffinose consumption in Japan. We also identified customers, or applications, in Europe and estimated the time and cost of Novel Food approval.


CPL’s contacts included six Japanese consumers and 57 retailers and manufacturers in Japan. We also contacted eight European-based Japanese supermarkets and food manufacturers. CPL used its in-house databases and publicly available sources to identify food and cosmetic applications for raffinose.

Click here for a PDF of the contents of the study or look below for an outline.

Raffinose Markets in Japan and the EU

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Methods
  • Principal Findings
    • Use in Japan
    • Use in Europe
    • Novel Food Regulations
  • Conclusions

Raffinose Market in Japan

  • Overview of Functional Foods in Japan
  • Use in Japan
  • Contact Reports
    • Company X
      • Manufacture
      • Applications
      • Products
      • Recent Patents
    • 55 Other Manufacturers and Retailers

Raffinose Market in Europe (EU)

  • Overview / Approach
  • 7 Contact Reports

The Cost of Novel Food / Ingredient Approval

  • Overview
  • Registration of Novel Ingredients / Foods
  • 3 Contact Reports

6 Tables

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