In this case study, a manufacturing company engaged CPL Business Consultants to assist it in valorising a co-product of its main production, specifically looking at its potential as an intermediate for the production of pyrethroids.  Using a combination of its scientific, technical and commercial knowledge, CPL characterised the market and made strategic recommendations on how the client should proceed. 

The objective of this project was to assist the client in determining its plans regarding chemical intermediates available to it. The client had significant quantities of a specialist intermediate available and wanted to identify higher-value uses for this compound. One option is producing pyrethroids, synthetic insecticides used in various applications for crop protection and non-crop pest control, including diseases, amenities and domestic insect pest control. An assessment was made of the opportunity presented by this chemical and its synthesis into insecticides.

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Executive Summary

  • Objective and background
  • Scope
  • Method
  • Principal Findings
    • Market Size and Trends
      • Introduction
      • Market Size
      • Players
      • Products
      • Prices
      • Key Success Factors
      • Barriers to Entry
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Introduction to Pyrethroids

  • Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins
  • Pyrethroids and Pheromones

Agrichemical Markets

  • The Global Pesticide Market
  • Regional Pesticide Markets
    • The Indian Market
  • Market Segmentation in Pesticides
  • The Market for Generic Insecticides
  • The Vector Control Market

Pyrethroid Markets

    • Success Factors
    • Barriers to Entry
  • Manufacture and Use in the US
    • Manufacturers
    • Use of Pyrethroids
    • Residential Use
  • Pyrethroid Manufacture in China
  • Pyrethroid Manufacture in India

Strategic Overview of the Agrochemicals Market

    • Generic Strategies in the Agrochemical Industry
    • Strategies for Growth
    • Strategies for Competing in Technology Based Industries
    • Innovation and R & D

Players, Products and Prices

  • 26 Players
  • 4 Pheromone Companies
  • Products
  • Prices: Active Ingredients
  • Prices: Formulated Products

Registration of pesticides

  • Introduction
    • Protection of Humans
    • Protection of the Environment
    • Time & Expense
  • The United states
    • Introduction
    • Procedures – Part 152
    • Labelling
  • European Union
    • Introduction
    • Registration of Plant Protection Products
  • Tests and costs
    • Summary of all tests
    • Offer on tests from Charles River
    • Potential US and European Product Chemistry Data Requirements Prices
    • Acute Toxicity Studies Prices
    • Toxicity Studies Prices
    • Ecotoxicology & Environmental Fate Studies Prices
    • Genotoxicity Testing Prices

Research & Patents for Pyrethroids and Intermediates

  • 16 Research Papers
  • 21 Patents


  • Pilot plant for manufacture of insecticide Esfenvalerate
  • A little less green? Studies challenge the benign image of pyrethroid insecticides
  • A safer mosquito treatment? Minimizing deltamethrin risks to children
  • Crop Protection: Gone To Seed

11 Contact Reports

Appendix 1 – Additional Information on Pyrethroids

  • Data Sheets for some Common Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins
    • Cypermethrin
    • Deltamethrin
    • Fenvalerate
    • Permethrin
    • Phenothrin
    • Pyrethrins
    • Resmethrin
  • Pyrethroid Companies and Products Sold in Malaysia

57 Tables

18 Figures

See also CPL’s strategic view of the agrochemicals market and an example of our work in biopesticides. Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. Eight case studies can also be reviewed.

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