In this case study,  a global flavour and fragrance house engaged CPL Business Consultants to assess trends in the flavour market. CPL’s insightful report was used to inform its future planning and strategy development. 

The objective of this project was to assist a client in identifying emerging trends in the flavour ingredients market, the main emphasis being on food use in Europe and the US. The focus was the emerging trends in natural versus synthetic flavours.

Click here for a PDF of the contents of the study or look below for an outline.

Flavour Trends

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Background
  • Method
  • Principal Findings e.g.:
    • Flavour Producers
    • Food Manufacturers
    • Retailers and Consumer Bodies
    • Supermarket Survey
    • Food and Beverages Trends
    • Markets and Legislation
  • Conclusions e.g.:
    • Trends in Natural versus Synthetic Flavours
    • Geographical Flavour Differences
    • Applications for Natural Flavours
    • Flavour Industry Supply Chain Pressure
    • Consolidation in the Flavour Industry
    • Food Manufacturers and Retailers
    • Consumer Bodies

Supermarket Survey

Food and Beverage Trends

  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Functional & Organic Foods


  • Europe
  • US

Flavour Market Trends

  • Flavours and Fragrances Overview
  • Growth in Flavours and Fragrances


Competitor Profiles

  • 14 Small Flavour Companies
  • 15 Medium & Large Flavour Companies

Contact Reports

  • 17 Flavour Companies interviewed
  • 10 Food Retailers interviewed
  • 5 Consumer, Legislative and Manufacturing Bodies interviewed
  • 12 Food Manufacturers interviewed


  • Fruits & Flavours of Dairy Drinks Survey
  • US Functional Sales
  • Organic Food Sales and Growth
  • Top Players in the Flavour and Fragrance Market
  • New Product Introductions


  • Trends in Dairy Drink Launches by Category
  • Worldwide Flavour & Fragrance Market by Sector
  • Worldwide Flavour & Fragrance Market by Region
  • Worldwide Fragrance Market
  • Worldwide Flavour Market

CPL has worked on many projects in flavours for example on acquisitions and production using biotechnology. You can find further examples by using the search bar on this site. Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies.

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