In this case study, an ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to assess the markets for polydextrose to inform its business development strategy.  CPL’s comprehensive report answered specific questions which were used in the strategic planning process. 

The objective of this project was to assist in determining the market characteristics of the polydextrose ingredient business. The investigation focussed on market analysis in food. The geographic focus was mainly in Europe and the UK within a global context.

The study considered the trends in the polydextrose ingredient market including growth potential in current applications and novel applications. In respect of customers, the study determined the buying criteria for polydextrose. In respect of manufacturers, the study attempted to determine players, products, applications, distribution to different end-uses and strategies. Finally, the study addressed the questions of barriers to entry and key success factors.

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Polydextrose Markets

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Method
  • Principal Findings
    • Definitions
    • Markets
    • Applications
    • Health Benefits
    • Manufacturers
    • Products
    • Barriers to Entry and Success Factors
    • Marketing & Sales Route
    • End Users
  • Conclusions


  • Definition
  • Properties and Applications
    • Properties
    • Applications
    • Health Benefits
  • Regulatory Status
    • Europe
    • US Regulations
    • Canadian Regulations
    • Australian Regulations

Polydextrose Market Overview

  • Market summary

Marketing Strategies

  • Barriers to Entry
  • Marketing & Sales Route

Polydextrose Manufacturers & Distributors

  • Company profiles

End Users

  • Voice of customer


  • Detailed informati0n on Fibersol maltodextrin

Contact Reports

  • 6 Manufacturers, Traders and Ingredients Companies
  • 10 End Users
  • Others
  • 17 News and Related Articles
  • 30 Recent Patents


  • Polydextrose as Dietary Fibre
  • Resistant Maltodextrin as Dietary Fibre
  • Inulin and Fructooligosaccharides as Dietary Fiber

9 Tables

3 Figures

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