A client wanted to develop a business based on Maize Sugar Cane, an earless form of maize that accumulates sucrose in its stem. The project examined the technical data available and reviewed its commercial prospects. Consultations were held with knowledgeable individuals in the sugar industry and the study concluded that this material had potential as a source of white sugar from both a technical and commercial viewpoint.

Table of Contents

Executive summary


Evaluation of key issues

Technical aspects

  • Breeding and Seed Production
  • Photoperiod and temperature responses
  • Agronomy
  • Future crop development
  • Dry Matter Production and Sucrose Accumulation
  • Sugar Production Curve and Distribution in the Plant
  • Annual Availability
  • Harvesting
  • Impurities
  • Colour formation, Crystallization Inhibitors and Sugar Loss

Sugar Extraction

  • Juice Clarification
  • Crystallization


Silage – Animal Feed

By products


Comparison with Other Crops

Growing, Agronomy, Harvesting, Extraction, Production Costs

Visit Reports

Market Opportunities

Introduction of MSC in Europe

Proprietary rights and protection

Economic Aspects

  • Seed production costs
  • Cost of Sugar Production
  • Cane Processing Costs

Economics of a Stock Seed Company

Commercial Collaboration

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