In this case study a manufacturing company engaged CPL Business Consultants to investigate the market potential for natural and sustainable vanillin. CPL’s detailed analysis included recommendations on the attractiveness of the market and strategic options for the client.

Vanillin is an aromatic aldehyde found in vanilla pods and is the major constituent of vanilla extract. However, it can also be produced synthetically by chemical synthesis and biologically through bioconversion and precision fermentation using a range of natural feedstocks.

Given the historic fluctuations in supply, price volatility and questions around the sustainability of vanilla, interest in natural vanillin from precision fermentation and sustainable chemical synthesis has increased.

CPL’s detailed report covered the market dynamics, competition, products, prices, applications, and the production technologies used to produce vanillin.  The aim was to build up a detailed picture upon which an investment decision could be made.

An outline of the report structure is included below and can also be downloaded as a PDF here.  Please contact CPL Business Consultants for more information on our strategy engagements in food ingredients, biotechnology, and precision fermentation.

The Market Potential for Natural and Sustainable Vanillin

Executive Summary

  • Principal Findings
    • Markets & Trade
    • End Uses & Applications
    • Production Technologies
    • Players, Products & Prices
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Introduction to Vanillin

  • Classification
  • Market Derivation
  • Interest and Significance
  • Properties

Vanillin Markets

Market estimates, value, volume and growth (CAGR)

  • Value and Demand
    • Market Size Estimates
  • Vanillin Market Volume
    • Wood-based
    • Bio-vanillin
  • Regional Demand
  • Types, Grades and End-Use
  • Market Segmentation


  • Vanilla
    • Vanilla Extract
  • Vanillin
    • Sustainable
    • Nature Identical Bio-Vanillin
    • Synthetic
  • Raw Material Prices

Barriers to Entry

  • Setting-Up Costs
  • Raw Material Sensitivity Analysis

Trade Data

  • Vanilla Pods
  • Vanillin and Ethylvanillin

End-Uses and Applications

  • Food Uses
  • Pharmaceutical Uses
  • Personal Care Uses
  • Industrial Uses
  • Other Uses

Vanillin Production Technologies and IP

  • Chemical or Synthetic Production
  • Biorefinery Production
  • Biotechnological Production

Players and Products

  • Production Technology by Manufacturer
  • Company and Product Details
    • Vanilla Extractors
    • Bioconversion and Precision Fermentation
    • Chemical Synthesis

Views of Contacts

  • Market Insights
  • Pricing and Market Shortages
  • Major Players
  • Sustainable Production Systems

Trade News

  • Company News
  • Circular Economy
  • Partnerships and Acquisitions

In addition to this project on the market for sustainable and natural vanillin has worked extensively on precision fermentation and synthesis of nature identical ingredients. This, for example, has included work on a Precision Fermentation Technical Due Diligence and precision fermentation for chymosin, sebacic acid, and Rebaudioside M.

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