In this case study, a global protein supplier engaged CPL Business Consultants to investigate the market for collagen bioinks. CPL provided a detailed, fact-based view of the market including strategic recommendations on if, and how, to approach it. The client was therefore able to make an informed decision on entering the market.

Bioprinting is the fabrication of 3D tissue (or ‘4D’) constructs using biomaterials and/or living cells deposited/crosslinked using a ‘bioprinter’. Bioinks are optimized mixtures of solution matrices containing carrier molecules and additional supporting agents. Collagen bioinks are compatible with a wide range of bioprinting protocols with applications e.g. in regenerative medicine, organ transplants and in-vitro modelling.  The market is developing rapidly with a number of competing technologies for bioprinting and a large number of differentiated products.

CPL examined the competitive landscape including detailed information on the products, prices, competing players and key success factors. The report contained strategic recommendations on how to approach the market.

You can find an outline of the report contents below, or alternatively download a PDF version here. Contact CPL Business Consultants for further details of our work in proteins and biotechnology.

Collagen Bioinks Market Dynamics

Executive Summary

  • Market Summary
  • Market Entry Recommendations

Introduction to Bioinks and Bioprinting

  • Types of Bioprinter
  • Types of Bioinks
  • Product Comparison

Collagen Bioink Players

  • Manufacturers
  • Segmentation and Comparison

Types of Collagen Bioink Product

  • Sources
  • Specifications

Pricing for Collagen Bioinks

  • Price Comparison by Source

Production Technologies

  • Collagen Bioink Production
  • GelMA and ColMA Production

Market Trends

  • Market Size and Growth (CAGR)
  • Market Developments e.g.
    • Regenerative Medicine
    • Research Models
    • In-Vivo Applications
    • Surgical Models
  • Closeness to Market
    • In-Vitro Models
    • Tissue Grafts
    • Organ Transplants


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Research Partnerships
  • 3D Bioprinting Companies

Key Success Factors

  • Comparison of Successful Players
  • Key Success Factors
    • Collagen Bioink Companies
    • 3D Bioprinting Companies

Strategic Recommendations

  • Summary of Market Requirements
  • Recommendations for Market Entry

In addition to this project CPL has worked on several projects involving gelatine and collagen peptides. For example, a due diligence project on gelatine and animal products and and analysis of gelatine use and substitution threats.  Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies.

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